Villa Corniole Winery

Villa Corniole was born in the Cembra Valley, a land of heroic viticulture in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.

In this majestic alpine valley of unparalleled beauty, in a unique terroir of great and particular wine-growing vocation such as the Cembra Valley, Villa Corniole produces its extremely unique Italian wines, that identify with the pristine mountain rurality.

The  Pellegrini family is an ambassador of such beauty and majesty at Villa Corniole. The shared family project was born in the vineyard and continues to the mountain cellar.  All the grapes are harvested by hand in the vineyards in Val di Cembra, and in Piana Rotaliana are vinified, to obtain unique and elegant wines with a strong link with the territory.

Still ice and water shape the Valle dell’Adige, and at the foot of the sunny cliffs of Paganella and Monte di Mezzocorona, the Piana Rotaliana extends onward.  It’s a fertile alluvial land rich in minerality thanks to the Noce river, which originates in the Dolomites of Brenta, and transports its essential elements used to craft these superior wines.

“What drives us is the constant desire to innovate, the passion for viticulture, the determination and the care and pride for our territory.  With its terraced vineyards in the Cembra Valley and the regular fields of the Piana Rotaliana, it returns harmonious visual traces. Dry stone walls and mountain paths connecting the various vineyard plots, form and shape an alpine landscape of rare beauty. “

The Pellegrini Family

Ice, water and fire, the elements of the genius loci in the Cembra Valley in Trentino that make the Terroir unique.


“From the suitable terraces of the Cembra Valley an elegant wine of noble origins”


“Two souls in one body, divine red sunset of the Brenta Dolomites”


“Aromatic wine par excellence, sumptuous, complex and elegant”


“Wine with a strong character”


“From the ancient terraces of the Cembra Valley, the cradle of Trentino viticulture, the mountain wine par excellence, as well as our wine of the heart”


“Wine of intense minerality, fragrance and softness that best expresses the suited Terroir of the Piana Rotaliana, surrounded by the Dolomites and lapped by the waters of the Noce Torrent and the Adige River”


“It is with care and dedication that every vintage we follow the life cycle of the ancient Prince, the Trentino native par excellence”

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